KYLE Gives A Super Duper Performance @ The Danforth Hall

If you haven't heard of the Ventura, California artist, KYLE, it's time to get familiar. The rapper/singer who made Rolling Stone's 2015 list of 10 Artists You Need To Know, has collaborated with artists such as Kehlani and Chance The Rapper, and collectively has 165,000 Instagram followers and an extensive fan base is surely rising to the top. Often compared to the likes of Drake, KYLE's up-beat, unique Hip-Hop is more of a cross between Chance and Gambino, with the performance energy of that of a La Flame. Last night, we got to witness the performance for ourselves, and the reason why this creative Californian and his "super duper" team sell out shows across the country.


KYLE is opening up for Hoodie Allen on his North American tour, however, his undeniable stage presence surely stole the show, which was filled with a crowd that knew every single word to every song. The artist, who recently released his new project SMYLE, gave one of the most energetic and lively performances we've seen in a while: a show filled with Star Wars paraphernalia, choreographed routines between KYLE and his DJ, Brick, an appearance by a super-sized Pikachu mascot, and crowd surfing by KYLE on an actual surf board (just to name a few of the memorable moments of many).



KYLE's entire team matches his creative efforts, with not one member giving less than 110% through the duration of the performance. The performance last night, and KYLE's overall success, is the obvious result of a clear vision from the artist and the amazing team he's brought together. It's far and few when an independent artist is able to capture the attention of a large audience such as that of a sold out Danforth Music Hall; KYLE and his group of best friends have put together the show of a lifetime, and have mastered not only the art of performing, but the art of creating and bringing to life their vision.

Listen to KYLE's newest project SMYLE below, and start getting to know the West Coast's next up.


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