The Ruff Ryders Reunion Tour Follows Barclays With A Sold Out Show in Connecticut

Feature Photo: Tylik Hill/ Vocab Entertainment

You may have either been at the legendary Barclay's evening or had it overflow you Instagram last Friday... but needless to say, the Ruff Ryders are back and they're ready to takeover.

Following a legendary Brooklyn evening featuring special guests such as Remy Ma, Fat Joe, Akon, and French Montana, the Ruff Ryders artists took to another sold out show the next evening in Connecticut at the Foxwoods Resort Casino.

Photo: Petey Gunz/ @peteyshotya

The line up of course included the original roster: Eve, Swizz, Drag-On, The Lox, and DMX, but we also got to see the talents of the next generation of Ruff Ryders. These dynamic and promising artists include Drew James, Lil Waah, Quadir Lateef, and more.

Eve graced and lit up the stage with her classics, as well as her top hits including "Tambourine" and "Rich Girl"; Swizz performed a medley of number 1's that he not only was featured in but also produced. Drag-On had the crowd singing the entirety of his lyrics, to the point where his vocals were no longer needed.

Photo: Petey Gunz/ @peteyshotya

The Lox claimed Connecticut "D-Block Territory" and had the crowd going wild with excitement. Not only did we get to hear the classics from Jada, Sheek, and Styles, but they dropped their own freestyles, as well as Styles performing his track with Akon, "Locked Up". The trio controlled the stage and made it their own, having an undeniable presence over the audience.

Photo: Petey Gunz/ @peteyshotya

Finally, the dog himself came out, and his influence over the stage was uncanny. DMX presented the theatre with a performance and an energy that is comparable to that of the 90's; As well, there is no DMX show without his prayers and words of wisdom. The living legend performed his classics as if no time had passed, with an energy and a rawness to his voice that was unprecedented, as he told stories of his trials and tribulations, and how much his fans have blessed him over the years.

Brooklyn may have been the beginning of the comeback, but Connecticut established the presence that the Ruff Ryders still has, and the influence that a world tour would have. We only have one question: When's the next show? [and where's our invite?;)]

Check out the recap of the Ruff Ryders at Foxwood Resort Casino below.

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